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I-MERIT Overview

Alliant International University is a “professional practice university in a multicultural and international context”. I-MERIT (International and Multicultural Education, Research, Intervention, and Training) serves as the home for the University’s diversity initiatives, which are aimed at institutionalizing multicultural and international values and perspectives in all of Alliant’s education and training programs and in its organizational culture. The University’s diversity plan, adopted in 2006-2007, grounds international and U.S.-based diversity in a common conceptual framework, establishes institutional diversity goals and objectives, and establishes cultural competencies for all students, faculty, and staff/administrators. The focus of our diversity efforts includes nationality, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, spirituality, socioeconomic status, ability, and age.
The work of I-MERIT is supported by a Assistant Provost, and a Systemwide Committee of staff, faculty and student representatives, which provides policy guidance and coordination of efforts across schools and campuses. The Systemwide I-MERIT Office provides resources, consultation, and training to academic programs and administrative offices in order to make cultural competence part and parcel of all aspects of the University. Each campus has a Campus I-MERIT Committee, comprised of students, staff, and faculty, which sponsors events, training sessions, and projects, often focused on a Systemwide Theme of the Year.

The Assistant Provost, I-MERIT is Janie Pinterits, Ph.D., who is based at the San Francisco Campus, and is available at