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Organization Design: The Evolving Roles of HR & OD in Getting Talented, Motivated People in the Right Places with Sohee Jun, Maria Loera, Jeremy Lurey, and Jonathan Troper

Thursday, October 24 2013

6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Location: Room B101/103

Calendar: California School of Professional Psychology - Los Angeles Events

“Org Design” as we call it has become a hot topic in OD and HR circles. So many companies are downsizing one division as they grow another and re-structuring their teams, their business units, and divisions. If you’re in HR or OD and you haven’t yet been involved in an org design project, you’re probably going to sometime soon. Tonight, we’ll introduce you to what it’s all about and how you can contribute to org design success. If you have been involved, bring your burning questions to discuss with the panelists.
Some leaders act as though organization design is just a matter of reorganizing business structures, processes, and technology. But it’s not. People are involved, and their jobs and identities are being toyed with. So how can OD and HR professionals factor in motivation? How do talent assessment and development issues get resolved in org design? For instance, how can HR & OD professionals ensure that people feel motivated to operate in the new organization structure so that they are committed to the new organization and stay productive?
For people new to org design, we will start by reviewing the methodology itself. Then, we’ll look at the evolving role of OD professionals and HR professionals in org design projects.