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Online SPSS access

HAWK Tutoring Center

Online SPSS program (version 23)

Alliant now has an online SPSS program (version 23) available for Alliant students only.

How to access it:

1) Email the Alliant IT Helpdesk at and tell them that you want to be added to the online SPSS program account list.

2) Once you get a confirmation from them, go to the website

3) Watch this video tutorial on how to access the SPSS program and how to upload (and download) files from your computer to the online SPSS program. MAC users read below.

Watch the video

(Students must be pre-enrolled first. Read instructions above.)



MAC issues with online SPSS

Some students are having problems trying to use the online SPSS version 23 software ( with a MAC computer.

MAC users - maybe here:

or here...