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In order to qualify for a postdoctoral internship at the counseling center, you must have a Ph.D. or Psy.D. in psychology.  Counseling experience with adolescents and young adults is preferred.  To apply, contact the Staff Psychologist, Dr. Eric Hanna via email at  You will be asked to provide a copy of your CV and at least two letters of reference from current or past clinical supervisors. Upon receipt of these items an interview will be setup.  Be prepared to explain your range of experience and how you can contribute to the counseling center.  Additionally, consider your areas of interest and expertise, and how they can be used to enhance the services offered at Alliant International University.  You will also be expected to consider how effectively you can work in the university environment, especially with consideration to client advocacy and confidentiality.  The interview will likely include both the Director of the Counseling and Psychological Services Center and the Staff Psychologist. 


Alliant International University’s counseling center offers internships to qualified postdoctoral candidates.  The internship will generally last at least one year and all hours will count toward California licensure.  Some of the goals of the internship are to provide:

  • An opportunity to enhance the clinical training of postdoctoral level individuals
  • Increased competency in case conceptualization, case management, and therapeutic technique
  • To increase the interns knowledge base in the area of multicultural treatment
  • Comprehensive supervision meeting the requirements for a California license
  • A case load of clients that vary in complexity of issues
  • A positive environment for learning

The Alliant International University Counseling and Psychological Services Center services a diverse population of students from all over the United States and the world.  It is not unlikely that a caseload includes American, Native American, Japanese, Latino, European, Middle Eastern, and African students.  Occasionally, students attending the English First (EF) Program will be provided services for a small fee ($15.00 per session).  Additionally, a wide variety of disorders and developmental issues may be seen.  Clients present with an array of difficulties that can include, but are not limited to: academic difficulties, cultural adjustment, anxiety, stress management, relationship concerns, identity issues, loss, bereavement, and substance, physical and sexual abuse.

The variety of services offered by Alliant International University’s counseling center allows interns to broaden their knowledge base as well as increase their therapeutic skills.  They will be offered the opportunity to work with clients with a variety of backgrounds, disorders, and developmental issues and to demonstrate competence in individual short-term and long-term therapy, crisis intervention, group therapy, and case management.

Interns will be supervised by a licensed psychologist once a week individually for one hour and once a week in group supervision for two and a half hours.  Individual supervision is a place to discuss any and all cases in an intern’s caseload.  The format of the supervision is to be determined individually with the intern and the supervisor.  Different people prefer different structure, and there is room for this differential in the format of supervision.  The only exception is an intake, which must be presented at the beginning of the next supervision session following the intake appointment.  Group supervision is provided by a designated supervisor once a week.  The format is to be determined by the group, and varies depending on the supervisor and the interns.  In addition, there is a special supervision-training meeting once a month.  At this meeting, the primary supervisor runs the meeting in a supervision-type format that involves role playing.  Each meeting will focus on a particular topic, such as intake, termination, 5150, or suicide assessment.  Special supervision meetings last approximately 60 minutes.