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Employers can obtain degree verifications via the National Student Clearinghouse. All other inquiries can be directed to a Student Affairs Representative at the campus in which the student attended (see contact table below).
Please contact the Student Affairs Center at your local campus for assistance.
  Student Affairs Center Contacts
Campus Primary Email Student Affairs Representative Phone
 Keri Kennedy
 Lourie Rowe 
 Irvine  Marcella  Hernandez
 Los Angeles  Celia Lopez
 Sandra Tello
 Mexico City  Vania Quiroz
 Sacramento  Suzanne Staglik
 San Diego
 Adam Kasarda
 Paige Newman 
 Michelle Jackson
 Maxine Goldburg 
 Brandi Robinson 
 San Francisco
 (Beach St.)
 Angela Dickson
 Kendra Dunn
 Davina Williams
 San Francisco
 Law School 
 Grant Miles
 Maria Rapitis
  Registrar's Office Contacts
Name and Title
Campus Support
 Paul Welch
 University Registrar
Fresno and Sacramento
 Britni Warner
 Associate Registrar
Irvine, Presidio, and San Diego Graduates
 Rebecca Nieboer
 Assistant Registrar
San Diego Undergraduates and San Francisco (Beach St.)
 Pat Alley
 SFLS Registrar
San Francisco Law School  415-626-5550 ext 106
 Isa Dyer
 Associate Director of Academic  Operations and Associate Registrar
Presidio Graduate School  415-561-9622
 Orlando Tolentino
 Records Specialist II
Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Mexico, and Tokyo
 Lora Lae Gamboa
 Records Specialist I
Systemwide Transcripts
 Maria Rapitis
 Academic Advisor        
 Teach Out       
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Graduate Student Handbook
Graduate Student Handbook 2010-2011 (.pdf, 1253K)
Graduate Student Handbook 2011-2012 (.pdf, 1275K)
Graduate Student Handbook 2012-2013 (.pdf, 1451K)
Graduate Student Handbook 2013-2014 (.pdf, 1001K)
Undergraduate Student Handbook
Undergraduate Student Handbook 2010-2011 (.pdf, 1395K)
Undergraduate Student Handbook 2011-2012 (.pdf, 1463K)
Undergraduate Student Handbook 2012-2013 (.pdf, 1094K)
Undergraduate Student Handbook 2013-2014 (.pdf, 988K)
Academic Calendars
Academic Calendar 2011-2012 (.pdf, 43K)
Academic Calendar 2012-2013 (.pdf, 33K)
Academic Calendar 2013-2014 (.pdf, 121K)
Academic Calendar 2014-2015 (.pdf, 121K)
Academic Calendar 2015-2016 (.pdf, 141K)
Mexico City Academic Calendar 2013-2014 (.pdf, 295K)
Course Schedule and Registration Forms
Add/Drop Form (.pdf, 271K)
(If you cannot add/drop online)
Registration Form (.pdf, 219K)
(If you cannot register online)
Summer Dissertation Form (.pdf, 188K)
Guides and Instructions
Online Registration Instructions (.pdf, 1223K)
Student Information Newsletters
Student Information Newsletter (August 2012) (.pdf, 246K)
Student Information Newsletter (January 2012) (.pdf, 1015K)
Student Information Newsletter (August / September, 2011) (.pdf, 922K)
Student Information Newsletter (May, 2011) (.pdf, 518K)
San Francisco Campus Checklists
Clinical PhD Requirements (.doc, 72K)
Clinical PsyD Requirements (.doc, 70K)
Other Forms
Application for Degree Form (.pdf, 176K)
Change of Address/Telephone/Email Form (.pdf, 262K)
Course Audit Form (.pdf, 170K)
Course Substitution Form (.pdf, 232K)
Extension of Incomplete Grade (.pdf, 139K)
FERPA Release Form (.pdf, 91K)
Independent Study Form (.pdf, 265K)
Name Change Request Form (.pdf, 226K)
Request for Leave of Absence Form (.pdf, 136K)
Request for Letter of Enrollment/Degree Verification (.pdf, 175K)
Request to Review Student File (.pdf, 194K)
Transfer Credit Request Form (.pdf, 105K)
Withdrawal from Alliant - Systemwide Form (.pdf, 170K)
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