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Updated 11/13/2015

Email Status
This is a dashboard to display the current state of the Alliant email systems. Green is fully operational, Yellow indicating some disruption of service or unavailability of some email functions, and Red indicating major disruption of service. If the status is something other than Green, text below will identify what the issue is.

Please report any problems to It Helpdesk

Office 365 service health status can be found HERE.






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The Information Technology Department is a service department to all business and academic functions at Alliant International University. Our mission is to provide the university with innovative technology solutions to cut our running cost and increase our profit while maintaining high quality education.


The Information Technology Department will utilize internal and external resources to enhance the automation of the daily business and academic process. We will provide our students with better tools to administer and manage their own training, improve the university quality of operations, and drive higher efficiency.


IT Helpdesk Tier 1 support is provided exclusively by Alliant Students. Support is available from 7:30am-7:30pm Monday-Friday and 7:30am-2:00pm on Saturday. If you are an Alliant student interested in an opportunity to join our Information Technology team, please contact Amber Winters at
You can reach the IT Helpdesk via email or call (858) 635-4357, option 2.
During normal business hours 9:00am-5:00pm (will vary by campus), you can also contact your local campus IT Coordinator for assistance.
To access our online knowledge base of self-help materials, please reference

IT Coordinators

CampusLocationIT CoordinatorE-mailPhone
Fresno Room 2166 Samuel Nava (559) 253-2244
Irvine Room 311 Ali Razavi (949) 812-7453
Los Angeles Room B100A Marcelles Wilson (626) 270-3309
Sacramento 2nd Floor - IT Coordinator Office Quinton Smith (916) 561-3217
San Diego M13, Room 1 Frank Balistreri (858) 635-4822
San Francisco Room 132 Warren Villagonzalo (415) 955-2040


System Support Staff

Chief Information Officer Sue Wierenga (858) 635-4830
Vice President John Jennings (858) 635-4830
Director Curtis Korn (858) 635-4871
Network Engineer George Zlatanov (858) 635-4877
Network Administrator Ken Hively (858) 635-4003
Department Administrator Amber Winters (858) 635-4597


Jenzabar/Alliant Contacts





San Diego

Chris Friend

(858) 635-4874

San Diego

Michael Fuiks

(858) 635-4454

San Diego

Asma AbuShadi-Stuart

(858) 635-4836

San Diego

Jessica McKean

(858) 635-4873

San Diego

John Gilbert

(858) 635-4433

San Diego

Keith Wisswell

(858) 635-4629

Off Site

Clay Heironimus

(415) 955-2010