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Register for ADP WorkForceNow site

Here is how to register into the ADP WorkforceNow site!
  • Go to 
  • then click on " First Time User " - Register Here
  • Type in Registration Code " Alliantuni-1234 " (NOT case sensitive)
  • Select in Identity Type " Partial SSN "
  • Complete the rest of the registration information 
For issues with registration and other inquiries on the new ADP WorkForceNow system, including how to enter and review your time cards and pay statements , please contact ADP WorforceNow Employee Service Center:
877-894-2497 ( 5 am – 5:30 pm PST)  or email them at 
Phone tree for the service center: 

Always use OPTION 1 ~ for Employees & Managers

then Press 1 - HR, Payroll, or Benefits  Questions

Password resets , registration/navigation assistance, general payroll questions, and general benefits questions

or Press 2 – Technical Support

Portal issues, digital certificate concerns, escalations for technical help with time & labor punching in/our issues, system troubleshooting, Learn@ADP product training assistance

or Press 3 – All other questions

Press 8 – Spanish-speaking support  

Do you know: “I-pay” is the OLD name of module to view pay statements and it is no longer in use?

You can now view all your pay statements (and other Payroll/HR related set ups) under!

For question on ho...

You can review the pre-recorded session of Employee and Manager Self Service presentation in the WorkforceNow portal:
Go to "Resources" -> "My tools"
For Employee Self Service presentation, click under "Training" for Emplo...
Comprehensive learning for Employees are NOW Available through site.
To access Comprehensive learnings, you just need to go to the "Resources" Tab and select "My Tools" to see the link for Comp Learning.

Some of you might have notice under message center you have received a notification to acknowledge policy.
Please note that it is a general notification and it is not a mandatory task.  
We are in the process of uploadin...
Please submit ALL time off requests via Time off Request under "Myself" as this will allow your message to approve it via message center (top right envelop).
Supervisors can only approve the work and holiday hours directly from the timeca...
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Frequently Asked Questions are now on ADP WorkForceNow site

Questions relating to how different types (hourly, salary exempt and non-exempt) of Alliant employees should complete their timecards and what their supervisors should approve or do when timecards exception notifications are received are posted on the ADP WorkForceNow site (
Other questions, such as best browser to use, and what to do to retrieve log in name and passwords, will continue be posted on the FAQ section of the ADP WorkForceNow site. 

Training Available for Managers & Supervisors through ADP

Trainings Available for Managers and Supervisors:
Do you know you can register for the training for Managers and Supervisors provided by ADP already?
Please review the Blog post for more information! 
If you needed quick navigation support, please be sure to click on "support" link on the upper right hand corner of the page to show the help topics available for the page you are viewing!

Register for WorkForceNow Site TODAY!

Starting 9/16/2012, hourly employees (staff and students) will start entering time in the ADP WorkForceNow system! 
Effective 10/1/2012, all Salaried non-exempt employees will enter their hours work and time off taken,  and Exempt employees will enter their time off taken  for pay period 9/16/12 to 9/30/12 in the WorkForceNow, 
Click here to access ADP WorkForceNow page.
Supervisors will be able to approve timecards DIRECTLY by logging into the ADP WorkForceNow site (no more routing the approval email via timekeepers). 
Please check the Blog to get most updated information and to sign up for ADP portal access!
Get trained on how to enter time and approve timecards in the upgraded portal by following the instructions in the blog post.

General Information on ADP WorkForceNow Implementation

What is WorkForceNow?
It is an integrated portal which allows managers and employees to view their team and their own HR, Payroll, Time & Attendance, Benefits information in one place - Please click on this video demo link (around 30 min long) to get an idea of what this product will deliver:
Benefits for Managers and Employees
Provide managers with the means to conduct and track reviews, approve time off requests and communicate more effectively with staff about benefits administration policies
Provide managers with a platform to maintain accurate, up-to-the-minute records on hours worked, overtime status and scheduling
Provide the platform for managers to automate recruiting, managing performance and monitor training
Offer workers self-service options for making changes to their healthcare,  or other employee benefits selections
Offer employee self-service options for checking hours worked, work schedules and available paid time off
Offer mobile accessibility to perform a wide variety self-service task  (see video for more detail)

The plan

Alliant will roll out other exciting portal features as demonstrated in the video link (including employee self-service address, tax exemption status, direct deposit changes, and pay stub viewing) towards the end of October (into beginning of November).
Benefits self-service portal will be launched in early 2013, however, employee discount information (through partnership with ADP) and training classes will be available before then.
Other features such as application tracking and online performance evaluation are also in preparation for production in 2013. 
We have been seeking input and nominations from various Deans and department heads to help with the launch.

You will see the request in the message center.
For more information on how to complete the task, you can always contact HR service center at 1-877-894-2497 (option 1).
Select the message regarding Employee's time off, click on the green button under “Action” select “Review”

A pop up screen will show, please check the box “Review each date individually”

Under “Action” selection action (approve/deny/cancel). 
As of October 2012, only the timecard feature of the site is being released - so if you do not use timecard yourself nor do you supervisor employees who use timecard, you can wait until further features are released before logging into the system - please look out for future emails for future roll out of other self-service features!
For more information on how to complete the task, you can always contact HR service center at 1-877-894-2497 (option 1). 
To approve multiple timecards:
Go to "My Team" ->
Go to "Time & Attendant" ->
Go to "Timecard Exceptions"->
Click on "View by Type" ->
Click on "Supervisor Approval Required" ->
There are two view options "Summery View" and "Detail View"
To approve the total hours for multiple employees, choose "Summery View", select the correct pay period
Click on the column header to select all rows, click "Approve"
 Once you approve all the time cards, you will not be able to view them as they are not exceptions any more
You can also get a learning byte video by going to the support link on the upper right corner and type in "Approving multiple timecards"  to get the learning video.
Please contact HR service center at 1-877-894-2497 (option 1) for detail instructions on how to delegate approval rights. 
Click on "My Team"
Click on "Delegated Activities"
Under "Delegate" tab, click on Green "+" sign
In the "Delegate To" box, type in name of the person you want to delegate activity to
Select the correct person (the full name of the individual will appears, highlight the name)
Define "Start Date" and "End Date"  
Click on "Permissions" tab
Click on "My Team"
Select the activities you need to delegate ("Time and Attendance" and/or "Time off")
Click "Save" 
Even though you delegate the viewing ability on calender and timecards to your colleague, you still need to delegate the approval authority to the individual before they can approve time off on your behalf. Please follow the instructions here to delegate the approval authority (it is also available under useful links) 
If you are not able to re-set your password by clicking on "Forget your password" on the, please contact the service center at 1-877-894-2497 and verify your credentials for password retrieval.
Please visit to get the most updated browser requirement by clicking 'requirement' (on the lower left of the log in box).

Please contact HR service center at 1-877-894-2497 (option 1) for detail instructions on how to navigate the site. 
You can refer to the navigation guide posted under Helpful links, or click on the "Support" button on the top right corner of the page your are visiting get help information on how to navigate the site.

Please contact HR service center: 1-877-894-2497 (between 7 am - 5:30 PST) or email
For login and password retrieval, please contact ADP services at 1-877-894-2497. 
For exempt employees who are benefits eligible, please use the "Request time off" option under "Myself" to request the approval from your manager/supervisor the hours taken off. Once the request is approved, it will be reflected on your timecard.
For exempt employees, you only need to record full day taken off by requesting it through the the "Request time off" option under "Myself". If you are not taking any time off, you do not need to record hours work.
Since there are no hours recorded, there is nothing for the system to save - therefore the error message. 
For employees, saving the time card is approving the time card, and you can update the information until supervisor or payroll administrator approve the timecard for processing. Supervisors, however, must approve the time entered by their employees.
Since exempt employees records ONLY time off, Supervisors will only need to approve hours on a timesheet if there are hours that were keyed in by an employee. For example, if an exempt employee keyed in x hours of holiday for this pay period, then the employee’s supervisor will need to approve the hours on the timesheet.

If no hours are keyed in, then there will be nothing for the supervisor to approve. Without interaction by the employee (fill in timesheet with hours/let supervisor know that they forgot to key in hours), the manager will not receive any notification from the system that there is no time/hours on an employees’ timesheet. The system basically “assumes” that the employee worked their normal hours (exempt employee only) and will pay out their base salary when payroll is processed.
No, in the new system, the supervisor will receive a message at the message center (upper right hand of the ADP WorkForceNow page) once hours are entered. They will review and approve the time you enter based on the information they have. 
Since you are a non-exempt employee, please enter your start time, time out to lunch/break, time return from lunch/break and end time on time card. Please also enter time-off request that was approved outside of the time system (if there is any) by using the the "Request time off" option under "Myself" .
Both hourly and salaried non-exempted employees should enter hours in and out for work, lunch or break time. Paid and unpaid time off should also be requested through the "time off request" under "myself" so that your supervisor can approve them!
Check the box under column "select" for the row you would like to delete entry
Click "Delete" at the bottom of the timecard
Confirm Delete 
You are now able to view your paid time off balance by various ways: 
To review your balance information for this period, please go to "Myself" -> "Pay" -> "Personal accrued time". (The balances will reflect the current balances as of the last time the Year to Date file was passed to Workforce Now. This will displays Accruals)
You can also view the information by clicking time off balance from your timecard, or through 'request time off' under 'myself'.
For Salaried employees (exempt and non-exempt), your pay on a pay date represents the compensation for the current pay period: e.g. payment issued on Jan 15 represents work performed from Jan 1- Jan 15.

The timeoff that is recorded on your pay statement on a pay date represents the timeoff approved and processed for the PRIOR pay period: e.g. time off records on Jan 15 represents timeoff approved for processed from Dec 16 - Dec 31.