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Verification Documenst
1819 Dependent Verification (.doc, 104K)
1819 Dependent Verification 4 (.doc, 143K)
1819 Dependent Verification 5 (.doc, 192K)
1819 Independent Verification (.doc, 173K)
1819 Independent Verification 4 (.doc, 144K)
1819 Independent Verification 5 (.doc, 178K)
1920 Dependent Verification 1 (.doc, 110K)
1920 Dependent Verification 4 (.doc, 144K)
1920 Dependent Verification 5 (.doc, 197K)
1920 Independent Verification 5 (.doc, 182K)
1920 Independent Verification 4 (.doc, 145K)
1920 Independent Verification 1 (.doc, 176K)
Sample Notary Statement (.docx, 12K)
Budget Reevaluation
2019-20 Budget Reevaluation (.docx, 43K)

Please make certain that you read the form carefully before submitting the form with the paid receipts and other documents listed.  The last day that is allowed to submit budget reevaluations is the 2 weeks prior to the end of the semester/session that the expenses and payments incurred.  Any forms received after that time will be declined.

2019-20 Budget Reevaluation for Internship Interview Cost (.docx, 38K)

This form is to be used to request a one time increase to your financial  budget for internship interview cost including travel, hotel and matching site fees.  Internship cost will be considered only if the student has to travel out of the city that the student lives in.   Matching site fees will always be considered.  The maximum allowable request is $2,500.   There is no need to submit receipts and may be requested prior to the cost incurring.  All request must be made 2 weeks prior to the end of a semester to increase that semester's budget.  

Student Employment
Direct Deposit Authorization Form (.doc, 681K)
Disclosure Form (.docx, 19K)
FWS FAQs - STUDENTS (.docx, 27K)
I-9 (.pdf, 72K)
LC FAQ (.doc, 33K)
Student Employment Guide (.docx, 71K)
FWS FAQs Supervisors 1718 (.docx, 23K)
California Labor Form (.pdf, 145K)
Link for W4 Below (.docx, 11K)
Supervisor Quiz (.docx, 24K)
Supervisor Acknowledgement (.docx, 45K)
FWS Student Quiz (.docx, 20K)
Summer Application
2019 Summer Application (.doc, 118K)

Summer applications are available to apply for summer financial aid.  To be eligible Graduate students must be enrolled in a minimum of 5 units of required coursework, Undergraduate/Credential must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 units of required coursework and Law students must be enrolled in a minimum of 3 units of required coursework.  If you are in the 8 week sessions, Marriage Family Therapy or your third semester of internship, you do not need to complete the summer application.


Teach Grant Application
Teach Grant Application (.docx, 13K)

The Teach Grant Application is to be completed every award year

Teach Grant Checklist (.docx, 22K)

Please use this checklist if you are considering to apply for Teach Grant

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