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Facilities Maintenance Repairs and Requests


Thank you for taking the time to visit our page. We hope this information is helpful to you and if at any time you have any facilities concerns please contact us directly.

San Diego Campus

If you have a maintenance repair or issue please email the The facilities help desk will create a work order and email you a confirmation regarding the receipt and initial response that you have a made a request. Please allow the facilities management team to complete your work order in 7 days or less. Some maintenance issues may take longer depending on current operations and open work orders. If you would like to contact us via telephone our direct line is 858-635-4514.

For maintenance or facilities emergencies we prefer to be contacted via telephone at 858-635-4514. After hours, please dial 858-635-4444.

All pending work orders will be handled in the order they are received.

Safety and Security Campus Lighting

We understand that safety is a priority for students, faculty, and staff. If you notice a light burned out please email us at or contact us via telephone at 858-635-4514. Give us a description and location of the light that is burned out and we will ensure that the lighting is replaced or fixed in a timely manner. .


For All Other Campus Locations:

San Francisco Campus, please contact the IT/Facilities Manager

Sacramento Campus, please contact the IT/Facilities Manager

Fresno Campus, please contact IT/Facilities Manager

Irvine Campus, please contact IT/Facilities Manager

Alhambra Campus, please contact Facilities Manager



Need to Reserve a Room for your Event?

If you are looking to reserve a room for a meeting, please use the following link . Please note this is only for extra rooms and meetings, if you have issues with a regular semester course room assignment or changes please e-mail the or by calling 858.635.4514. You may request any rooms on the Alliant Campus through this link. There is no need to login you may go in as a guest and click on the events request tab. Please allow at least 48 hours for rooms reservations to be approved. You may only schedule one room and one date at a time, no re-occurring rooms. If you need to schedule a re-occurring room, please contact the or your campus facilities manager.
If you are requesting a room for the purpose of a video conference, please complete and submit this form .